SkyWay Enterprises, Inc was founded in 1981 as a Cessna Aircraft dealer to support FAA approved flight school.

In December 1983, SkyWay became a certified FAA air carrier and purchased the first Learjet. SkyWay then began providing on-demand charter service for the air transportation of freight. In 1985, as demand for SkyWay’s services continued to increase, Skyway purchased more Short 360 aircraft bringing the fleet to a total of four aircraft

In 1987, as SkyWay continued to diversify, it entered into the Air Ambulance service and continued to increase its executive passenger and freight services.

SkyWay was also awarded a contract by the Environmental Research Institute of Michigan for scheduled service from Michigan to Florida. During this time, two additional Turboprop aircrafts where added bringing the fleet to six aircrafts. Once in Florida, while automotive market was struggling, SkyWay looked for an area that was less prone to the cyclic changes of the Detroit area and relocated to Kissimmee Florida.This offered more independence and provided more business opportunities in the Southern US and Caribbean. Once in Florida, SkyWay providing a Fixed Base Operation service in Kissimmee Getway Airport at Kissimmee Jet Center. Also, at the time, charter services to the Bahamas and other Caribbean Islands started increasing in demand.

With the rapid expansion of the company now moving forward, SkyWay was being awarded contract runs throughout the US, the Caribbean, Canada and Mexico. These contracts allowed SkyWay to expand the fleet even further with a purchase of more 11 Shorts 360 aircraft from America Airlines.

SkyWay is constantly striving to provide continued reliable services to the air cargo industry and currently provides contracted services to much companies as: UPS, Airbone Express, DHL, Avon Cosmetics, Fedex and many others Cargo Forwards, Logistics Companies, Consolidators, Freight Brokers and Couriers. Now, SkyWay is undergoing a period of growth again, providing more quality, agility and speed for companies and customers who needs the air cargo service. The Company is building a new office and hangar in Kissimmee/FL with more than 26,000sf. and open a new warehouse in Miami/FL.